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Current Exhibition

"The Waterfowl People " by Lennart Meri
29th March - 26th April 2014

‘The Waterfowl People’, a celebration of the works by writer and film-maker Lennart Meri, who served as the 2nd President of Estonia in 1992 and was also a leader of the Estonian independence movement.


"Estonians - Searching the Finno-Ugric Roots" by Mrs. Kadi Raudalainen, Director Fenno-Ugria.

The lecture will take place on Friday April 4th at 1.15 pm - 2 pm. All are welcome!
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Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm.

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Award for Cork Vision Centre @ St. Peter's
Cork Vision Centre @ St. Peter's are delighted to announce that we won the Award for Best Civil Wedding / Partnership Venue at the recent Hardy's Hi Wedding Awards 2014. We would like to say thank you to all of you who voted for us. We greatly appreciate your support.
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Cork Vision Centre @ St. Peter's
Located in the heart of Cork's historic centre, and within walking distance of the city's artistic, commercial and diverse tourist attractions, the Cork Vision Centre @ St. Peter's offers visitors an opportunity to appreciate a fine example of conservation in action, and to explore Cork's evolution from past, through present, and onwards to future development.
2014 Exhibitions at Cork Vision Centre @ St Peter's
7th - 21st of February:The Brussels “Like a Tree” exhibition is a photo exhibition capturing the beauty & nature of Brussels Capital Region numerous trees & accompanying wildlife.

Not always recognised for its beauty as a city due to its predominant political status Brussels is a well kept secret for a weekend break away. This exhibition helps towards exposing Brussels for its natural beauty & cultural vibrancy.

It is hoped to maximise this unique event to promote Belgium as a holiday destination and particularly support the recently introduced direct flights from Cork’s International Airport to Brussels.
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Press Release: Vision Centre Tops Cork Visitor Attractions
Cork August 1st 2013: This week Failte Ireland published their listing of Ireland’s top visitor attractions, with the Cork Vision Centre @ St. Peter’s topping the list of Free Visitor Attractions in Cork, and the South West Region, and securing 17th in the top 20 free visitor attractions in Ireland. With 64,239 visitors during 2012, the Cork Vision Centre has delivered a visitor increase of 6% on the previous year.
Director of the Vision Centre, and General Manager of Cork Civic Trust, John X Miller welcomed the Failte Ireland ranking. “Cork Vision Centre is a unique hybrid – gallery; venue; education space; heritage centre and visitor venue. Above all, it is a welcoming space. The Cork Vision Centre @ St. Peter’s is innovative in several respects. Firstly, the management of the Centre is based on a partnership that is, in itself, the product of a visionary outlook. The partnership between Cork City Council and Cork Civic Trust is innovative, practical and imaginative. Most importantly, the blend of Cork City Council funding support with Cork Civic Trust management and cultural expertise has been extremely effective, as the Failte Ireland figures show.”

From the outset the Centre’s approach has been to take an eclectic approach in terms of the Centre’s uses and users, and to make it physically and conceptually accessible to a multi-tiered audience. Constantly evolving, the Centre pursues a policy of attracting a range of exhibitors, embracing a diverse spectrum of subject material and styles.

It also has benefitted a wide range of users across the spectrum of community groups to business networks, and charitable organisations to professional bodies. Utilising the building itself and a detailed scale model of Cork City, the Centre’s educational programme has attracted a great deal of interest at primary, secondary and third levels. To date there have been more than 3500 education visits to the Centre.

“Maintaining the strong relationships created throughout European Capital of Culture 2005 and, subsequently, is a key objective. We work hard at maintaining and strengthening the Centre’s diplomatic and cultural network. The 2013 exhibition programme includes exhibitions from the Czech Republic; Portugal and Lithuania, and, the Centre will also host several international exhibitions and performances during 2014,” explains John X.“I am particularly pleased for the Centre staff, Lorraine Cahalane, Finola Horgan and Marta Kolasa, who work tirelessly to ensure the Centre delivers a fulfilling and welcoming visitor experience,” commented Miller.

“Like everyone involved in the visual arts and cultural, and across many sectors of society, we operate in challenging economic times. So far, thanks in no small measure to Cork City Council funding we have continued to deliver a high standard visitor experience. Without City Council funding the Vision Centre could not operate. So I very much welcome the Failte Ireland ranking as Cork’s top free visitor attraction as a timely recognition of the effective partnership between Cork Civic Trust and Cork City Council, and, of the significant role the Vision Centre plays in promoting Cork across the tourism, cultural, community and diplomatic sectors.”
The Cork Civic Trust 20th Century Architecture Guided Walk
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